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Cynnal: Nurturing and Maintaining Spirituality

Cynnal: Nurturing and Maintaining Spirituality

Nurturing and Maintaining Spirituality is the title of the Cynnal conference, which will be held in Bangor later this month. Clergy and members of all denominations in Wales are being invited to attend, at no cost, this ground-breaking event.

With a wide range of speakers, the issues to be discussed are those elements which nurture and maintain spirituality:
•    living appropriately under a wide range of conditions
•    maintaining a positive, constructive, emotionally responsibile attitude in life
•    holding all things with a healthy degree of detachment and humour
•    living with faith and trusting in God
•    maintaining goodwill and good intentions towards our fellow man

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Challenge to churches

The conference will also consider the challenge to churches, with such questions as:
•    what is the key to spirituality?
•    and what kind of spirituality?
•    how can churches offer spirituality and spiritual aspects such as love, atonement and forgiveness in an age which has turned its back on religion?
•    is it an opportunity for the churches to respond to those who are searching for an answer to a spiritual problem?
•    how can the churches achieve this in a practical way?


Spirituality of imperfection

Wynford Ellis Owen founder and former CEO of Living Room Cardiff, and organiser of the seminar said: “People are often intrigued why people who attend the Living Room – some, who have never attended church or ascribed to any faith have profound and life-changing spiritual experiences.

"The spirituality of imperfection is at the root of our approach at the Living Room.  But this is not spirituality in the religious sense of the word.  This is different: it’s the spirituality of the imperfect.  The spirituality of the weak and broken, the poor and humble. 

"According to the author Gabor Maté, it’s 'the spirituality of those with large and strong passions, problematic pasts and uncertain futures'. 

"It’s an ancient spirituality, according to the authors Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham, that was rediscovered by a group of hopeless drunks who were looking for a solution to a problem that doctors and nobody else knew the answer to or how to treat.

"By learning through others’ failed experiences and the philosophies of William James, in his book The Varieties of Religious Experience, and Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, they created a way of life that would allow them to live with their ‘hopeless condition’, with their basic imperfection.

"In this conference we’ll have an opportunity to look at other types of spirituality as well – and in particular, how to nurture and maintain them.  Are you prepared to contribute from your experience and insights?”


Varied and distinguished

A varied and distinguished range of speakers have been secured from a cross section of Christian denominations in Wales, including: Elfed Ap Nefydd Roberts, Aled Jones Williams, Karen Owen, Trystan Owen Hughes, Eluned Williams, Enid Morgan, Judith Morris, Eleri Edwards, D. Densil Morgan and R Alun Evans.

How to nurture and maintain spirituality? What is your opinion?  This conference will provide an opportunity for all to listen, discuss, question and disagree – and contribute from your own personal experience.

The conference will be held on Wednesday October 18 2017, in the Berea Newydd Chapel, Rhodfa Dewi Sant, Ffordd Penrhos, Bangor between 9.30am and 4.30pm.


Secure your place

All those wishing to attend should contact the Living Room Cardiff on 029 2049 3895 to register, or send an e-mail to       

A light buffet will be provided and instantaneous translation is provided.  The conference is free.

You can access further information about the Living Room and Cynnal, the counselling service for clergy, ministers of religion and their families at: and


October 4, 2017