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From money worries to family crises or addictions – Cynnal Churches’ Counselling Service offers a free confidential counselling service available throughout Wales for all clergy and their families who might be facing challenging times in their personal lives.

The accredited service is available to clergy of all church denominations and delivered by CAIS through its subsidiary Living Room Cardiff. It replaces the former Church Counselling Service.

Cynnal is overseen by an advisory panel made up of representatives of church denominations who meet twice a year. All the counsellors are qualified and trained and clergy can refer themselves for help.

Wynford Ellis Owen, Chief Executive of Living Room Cardiff, says, “Clergy are perceived as people who don’t have problems – they are the ones we go to when we have problems. But they are human like the rest of us and sometimes, under pressure, their problems – and those they are helping others with – can come to the fore. That can be particularly difficult for them because they work across the community.

We can provide them and their families with a safe environment where they can seek help and support in confidence.”




Phone: 02920 302 101