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Case studies

Ryan's Story: "I am finally looking forward to the future"

Ryan has managed to secure work and complete his probation for the first time.

Andrew: Completely changed my life!

Andrew has secured full-time work as a kitchen porter thanks to support from our Crew-it catering training programme.

John: Secured a new tenancy

John has secured himself a new tenancy and is overcoming life’s challenges.

Elfed: "enjoying being a part of my son's life"

Efled was living in a damp an unheated property and is now living in a home that's comfortable enough for his grandchildren to visit.

Delyth: an offer to study at university

Delyth has received an offer to study at unviersity and is feeling hopeful for the future.

Heather: watching everything come to life

HEATHER LOVES the sense of achievement she gets from spending time at the Seeds2Grow Farm near St Asaph.

Tim: “new-found self-belief…”

I know the difference Cyfle Cymru has already made in my life, and in the lives of all my family and those around me.

Wayne: “I love having a purpose…”

“I hope to get this full time job as really don’t want to go back to doing nothing, but I won’t give up!”

Jayne: “I had nearly given up hope…”

After struggling with alcohol addiction for many years and following two failed in-patient detoxes, I had nearly given up hope of overcoming my addiction.

Christine: “essential drive and focus…”

Christine took early retirement after 15 years working the care industry – but is about to start a new voluntary post because she wants to freshen up her skills and get back into work.

Changing lives for the better: Supporting People

Find out why Louise believes the Supporting People programme has made an incalculable impact on the lives of thousands of people — and learn more about what we can offer

Seizing the opportunity with At-Your-Service

CAIS trainee James Dakin has hailed a “life-changing” employment project after it helped him land his first paid job

Crew-it: skills, confidence and qualifications

Sarah knows the skills, confidence and qualifications she picked up during her 16-week Crew-it course at Porter's Coffee Shop & Bistro in Colwyn Bay were vital in helping her back into the workplace.

My Jigsaw Experience

When I was released from prison, there was nobody there to meet me. My ‘friends’, who had been police, civil servants, teachers and other respectable professions, didn’t want to know me.

My guardian angel - Ty'n Rodyn

It’s funny that my guardian angel and soul mate is Ty’n Rodyn but I suppose it is true.

Stan & Bob’s Offas Dyke Challenge for North Wales Veterans

Stan Davis, age 41 from Rhyl and friends will be embarking on a mammoth 177 mile trek to raise vital funds for Welsh veteran’s charity Change Step...

Dave on a mission...

St Asaph born David Nolan, age 31 has been working as a Peer Mentor for Change Step for over two years. He regularly fundraises for Change Step and enjoys challenging himself to do more.

Sara's Story

I came to the project for housing advice. I was staying with my mum at the time but the house was too overcrowded. .

Meet Ed - Assistant to Supervisor

Once I finished college all I wanted do is work. Surprising I know! I had applied for a few jobs after leaving education, but I was lacking practical experience.

Sofa Surfing...

When we first met Lee he was living a chaotic lifestyle. As a result of a family breakdown Lee found himself in a position where he was either sofa surfing with friends or sleeping rough...

Living independently...

John is a 22 year old care leaver who since leaving care has lived an unsettled way of life, living in hostels and sofa surfing.

Meet Keith...

I began volunteering with CAIS in February 2013. I had been in Llandudno with my sister when I saw Caffi CAIS and I thought it would be a nice place to be a volunteer.

Brightening up my Saturdays...

I started volunteering at Porter's 18 months ago as during the week I work a monotonous office-based admin job and wanted a different change of pace at the weekend...

A brighter, happier future

We first met Danny after he had stayed at a dry hostel for six months...

Adam’s Story there was little to do when Adam grew up, himself and his friends started drinking in their teenage years. Adam and some friends quite often used to play truant...

24 Station road Trader - Milton Photography

I’ve always been interested in having my own retail space but I was always a bit unsure....

22 Station Road Trader - Artist, Carol Downes

Carol is a Welsh artist, designer, illustrator and art teacher based in Old Colwyn. She began upcycling furniture 30 years ago to create unique children’s furniture...

Knowing I would fit in...

In November 2015 I joined a group the day programme and immediately felt safe and felt knowing that I would fit in.

CAIS have genuinely helped me to change my life

I reached the age of 51 and realised that my brain was still working! I wanted to use it and do something different...

Meet Dan from Champions' House

My role as volunteer is to help out on Reception, answering the phone and assisting the callers with their enquiries....

Living independently and moving on…

Gwen will drink heavily, bring her drinking under control enough to find employment, find work stressful, alcohol consumption increases, looses employment due to intoxication...

The desire to succeed….

Hafan Wen is a place I found very positive in my recovery...

Getting my life back….

“I can’t thank the staff at Hafan Wen enough for helping me get my life back. I started using drugs at the age of 13 and I had never known a ‘normal’ life...

Dear Change Step - Testimonial

I wish to let you know how your service has helped me and my family get over what we thought we could not.

Poem - Well if you put it like that

Did you not overcome being homeless and arthritic bones,

A working testament

When I left residential rehab 6 months ago the transition from a safe environment back in the community was a daunting prospect. My drug councillor put me in touch with the Peer Mentor Scheme. Before

A mother’s story

My son first came into contact with CAIS last February when through drink he was at a very low ebb. My life as his mother was becoming more and more stressed and I found that I was unable to cope. I h

The Key to my future

When I first sent an email to CAIS in July 2011, I had no idea that they would give me the reins to a new life and a key to my future.

A mile better

Having left the army after serving 6 years in the 90’s my life spiralled into drinking and heavily getting into trouble with the police. The situation grew steadily worse and I was getting into seriou

Gary's Story

‘Gary Davies Please’, here I was again, back in court, back to jail I thought. This was going to be my fourth stay at Prison. Prison had almost become second nature so I resided myself to the inevitab

Elfed's Story

When I first sent an email to CAIS in July 2011, I had no idea that they would give me the reins to a new life and a key to my future.

Andy's Story

I came to CAIS in Colwyn Bay in November 2011 because I had made a decision to change the direction in which my career had been going; I needed guidance, advice, and reassurance that I could start rew

Teetotal at 30

I never imagined I’d be teetotal at the age of 30, but then, I never thought I’d be alcohol dependent either.

Margaret's Poem

Margaret is a Peer Mentoring volunteer. Her partner wrote

Larry's Story

“To cut a long story short, I was a heroin addict for 30 years and a crack cocaine addict for the last 15. I was an habitual offender and spent many years in prison in many different establishments an

Vicky's Story

I first became involved with the Peer Mentoring Scheme in August 2011. I was assessed by a lady called Shirley who was accompanied by another lady called Sharon. I was a bit apprehensive at first abou

Paul's Story

I spent a long time believing that the best I could hope for in life was the life, rather existence that I had become accustomed to. This life was one of mistrust, anger, petty squabbles and death; no

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