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24 Station road Trader - Milton Photography

24 Station road Trader - Milton Photography

24 Station Road was the original Pop up Shop which opened in July 2014. Phillip Milton is a photographer and the current test trader specialising in beautiful landscape photography as well as bespoke portraits and also offers photography tutorials.

Phil has been a photographer for 14 years and has been self-employed for the last four. Phil sells a variety of framed fine art landscape prints of North Wales and offers bespoke photography workshops and tours.

“Over the last few years I’ve been selling my prints online, at markets and at fayres. I’ve always been interested in having my own retail space but I was always a bit unsure so when an opportunity to test trade at 24 Station Road presented itself I thought it would be a really useful entrepreneurial challenge.”

Phil has been test trading for a few months at 24 Station Road and has found it to be a useful time to reflect on his photography services and products.  With the help of the Just The Business team Phil has rebranded his promotional literature with a new logo and a new sign to promote his product and services.

“The team at Just The Business have helped to get me thinking about where I want to take Milton Photography, in the future I hope to focus more on my fine art landscape photography and my tutorials and workshops.”