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Adam’s Story

Adam’s Story

Adam* grew up in a close knit community, had a large network of friends, grew up as an only child and is very close to his mother.

As there was little to do when Adam grew up, he and his friends started drinking in their teenage years. They quite often used to play truant from school and would steal alcohol from the corner shop. Adam’s education suffered as a result of this.

Adam lived with a girlfriend and had a baby daughter. As his drinking continued his relationship with his child’s mother became quite volatile and often the relationship broke down but they would make up again. Eventually the relationship ended and Adam was deemed homeless.

The past...

  • Adam had a string of broken relationships and lost tenancies.
  • Adam has had a prison sentence for a drinking related offence.
  • Adam has a few criminal charges for breach of the peace from when under the influence of alcohol.
  • Adam has been deemed homeless on more than one occasion over the years
  • Adam now has a tenancy with the local authority that he shared with a female friend, they went 50/50 with rent and bills. Adam often drunk, would trust his female friend with his bank card to take out his share of the rent and bills.    
  • After a drunken fight one night, the female friend packed up and left the house for good.
  • Adam soon discovered that the female friend had not been paying the rent and bills like she said she had and had also taken out loans and goods with a loan company under his name.
  • Adam’s drinking and anxieties spiralled due to this.

With support from the Supporting People team:

  • Adam has been receiving housing related support from a support worker for the last 7 months.
  • Adam has, with the help of his support worker faced his rent arrears.
  • Adam has secured discretionary housing payments for 6 months to help towards the cost of his rent.
  • Adam has set up a payment plan for his arrears and is making regular payments.
  • Adam with support has set up a payment plan with his utility company and in return they have wiped his debt clean.
  • Adam has managed to get a fridge freezer from a white goods scheme with his utility company to enable him to store fresh food.
  • Adam has reported the fraud that was committed under his name from his ex friend.
  • Adam has now got token payments in place for his debt with a loan company to free up money to be able to continue to pay his rent arrears and hopefully in time move to a more affordable tenancy.
  • Adam’s mental health is more stable minimising the amount he drinks.
  • Adam has minimised his anti social behaviour, therefore, a better relationship with neighbours.
  • Adam has regular contact with his mum, daughter and granddaughter.

*For confidentiality purposes, all names have been changed