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Brightening up my Saturdays...

Brightening up my Saturdays...

I started volunteering at Porter's 18 months ago as during the week I work a monotonous office-based admin job and wanted a different change of pace at the weekend.

It does not feel like work as I get to hang out with newly made friends, have a laugh and feel part of the community thanks to the wonderful CAIS team & regular customers.

I would definitely recommend volunteering at Porter's to anyone with a few hours to spare as I've got so much from the time I've given, learning new skills, having great banter and listening to the customers' stories, in addition to the satisfaction of helping a great cause.

My employer has actually commented I am more social and confident since I started volunteering, which has benefited my progress at work.

I am very thankful to Mark & the team for welcoming me and brightening up my Saturdays.