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A brighter, happier future

A brighter, happier future

We first met Danny* after he had stayed at a dry hostel for six months. Danny had recently had a family bereavement, a diagnosis of prostate cancer and an unsympathetic employer who refused to allow him bereavement leave. Fortunately Danny is now clear of the cancer and is moving forward in his life after a difficult time with help and guidance from the Supporting People Team.

Danny is currently studying forensic science three half days a week at the Rhos-on-Sea campus, Llandrillo College.  On the days that he is not studying Danny tries to fill his time volunteering and has been helping staff at a variety of CAIS’ buildings.  In addition to this he is also the Chair and Treasurer of a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Danny has had a successful employment history and has worked all over the world in the past, but has suffered from depression and alcohol addiction for many years.  He has also been a homeowner in the past, however due to a variety of circumstances he was effectively homeless when he came to CAIS.

Danny is an extremely motivated person and is keen to be as active as possible and cites loneliness and depression as a trigger towards depression and alcohol consumption.  Since Danny began receiving support from CAIS he has settled well into the community and as well as his forensic science course he has also passed a Welsh language course with distinction at an open learning college.  He was recently awarded funds from the CAMRE bursary scheme and was given a laptop computer to help with his college studies. Danny has received distinctions for the coursework he has submitted and is looking forward to embarking on a new career after he has completed it.

Although Danny has not been a service user within the project for a particularly long time we are actively seeking follow on accommodation, preferably within social housing but otherwise in the private sector.  Since his arrival in the project he has begun to acquire items of furniture in preparation of a future move.  He has found the project extremely helpful and has stated that had the opportunity to be housed not arisen he doesn’t know where he would have gone to.

- The Supporting People Team

*For confidentiality purposes, all names have been changed