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Delyth: an offer to study at university

Delyth: an offer to study at university

After turning to Supporting People for help to build up enough confidence to manage her own bills, Delyth and her partner are now claiming the correct benefits and have been paying off their arrears independently for 12 months. 

CAIS assisted Delyth in sorting out her benefits and helped her to apply for funding for schemes such as HelpU and CAF with Welsh Water.

Supporting People have also assisted Delyth in looking for another place to live, supported her in her recovery and have watched her grow in confidence.

Due to finish college in June 2018, Delyth has received an offer to study at unviersity and is feeling hopeful for the future.


Supporting People offers support to individuals accross North Wales that have trouble living independently due to issues related to alcohol or substance misuse.

The service can help individuals to develop skills in budgeting and day-to-day life, as well as helping with benefit claims, giving rent arrear advice, signposting to treatment services and helping to live a safe and healthy lifestyle within the community.

IF you are experiencing difficulties with your tenancy, or you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, CAIS Supporting People may be able to help.