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The desire to succeed….

The desire to succeed….

To whom it may concern,

I attended the above detox from the 25.10.2013 to 08.11.2013.

I would like to say that on the morning of the 25.10.2013 on being picked up by a member of staff, I was intoxicated due to my anticipation of what was going before me.  The gentleman in question made me feel relaxed on the journey down, but again on arrival I was still very scared. Once I entered the unit the staff made me feel very welcome. The first few days were very emotional and frightening but the staff helped me through a daunting weekend.

Once the mandatory groups started in the first week I found these to be very helpful and they gave me the desire to succeed.
I became very positive over the next week and by the second week I had become very confident in my mind. I became positive due to what I had learned. I also helped others who were entering for the first time as I knew what they were feeling.

The facilities were excellent, the bedroom had everything I needed and the nursing staff were always on hand when needed.  The volunteers, in fact everyone were fantastic, very helpful and efficient.  They were there 24 hours if needed. Hafan Wen is a place I found very positive in my recovery.