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Elfed's Story

Elfed's Story

When I first sent an email to CAIS in July 2011, I had no idea that they would give me the reins to a new life and a key to my future.

I had desperately low self esteem from a life breakdown, where I also got lost in serious problems with alcohol, hash and nicotine. I felt like my life was over. I regularly contemplated suicide and came close to accidental death many times from using drugs as a replacement for food and the life that I had lost.
I started doing the courses suggested to me by my Peer Mentor and after a few months, I begin to realise that they were having a positive effect on the very bad feeling I had of myself.

The most important concrete evidence I got through the courses was the fact that everyone is an individual and everyone has skills, and that included me. The Peer Mentor Training Program has been crafted in such a way that it offers a gentle accumulation of positive results that are woven into a positive plan with the guidance of a mentor.

An equally important fact of CAIS is that they give you the chance to apply what you are learning in a real situation. For example, I asked if I could volunteer to help the tutors on the training courses, and before you know it, that is just what I was doing.
Exactly a year later, I am now attending training courses that will allow me to take a job in Health and Social Care. This is a direct result of the CAIS training program, the experience I have had supporting tutors in the classroom and of course, the staff and organisation that made all that possible in the first place.

So basically, thanks CAIS and the Peer Mentoring Scheme, I now have a future again.