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Heather: watching everything come to life

Heather: watching everything come to life

HEATHER LOVES the sense of achievement she gets from spending time at the Seeds2Grow Farm near St Asaph.









Alongside the rest of the team, she’s spent recent weeks harvesting a healthy crop of rhubarb and preparing for the summer growing season ahead.

“It’s really good, I really enjoy it,” she said.  “I think my favourite job is the strimming, but I like planting stuff as well.

“There are some seeds in the polytunnel that we planted a couple of weeks ago, sunflowers, tomatoes, some salad and onions.”


More active

Heather, who has Asperger syndrome, said working there had helped to make her more physically active and meet new people. 

She lives locally and is able to walk to the farm every Friday to take part in activities there.  She hopes to pick up some part time work as a result.

“I like outside stuff,” Heather said.  “It’s structured, and there’s always something to do.

“I’ve met new people and made some new friends, and I’ve learned a lot.  Being outside helps, and helps how you feel too.

“Watching everything coming to life is a nice thing.  You get a sense of achievement when you plant something and it grows, you can say ‘I did that’.”


About Seeds2Grow

Seeds2Grow provides accredited training and activities in horticulture to individuals who face complex barriers to employment and have substance misuse, mental health or other work-limiting health condiitons.

Participants from Conwy, Denbighshire and Gwynedd will gain new skills and increased confidence in moving closer to becoming economically active.