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John: Secured a new tenancy

John: Secured a new tenancy

John approached CAIS six months ago due to being homeless, and has since secured a new tenancy and overcome life’s challenges.

Thanks to CAIS arranging regular appointments, he has grown in confidence.  He has also had his ‘intentionally homeless’ status removed by his local authority.

Now working in a part-time job, John has already made progressive steps and will continue working with CAIS to build on his confidence and engage in the inclusion activities and structure at Champions House.


Supporting People offers support to individuals accross North Wales that have trouble living independently due to issues related to alchohol or substance misuse.

The service can help individuals to develop skills in budgeting and day-to-day life, as well as helping with benefit claims, giving rent arrear advice, signposting to treatment services and helping to live a safe and healthy lifestyle within the community

IF you are experiencing difficulties with your tenancy, or you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, CAIS Supporting People may be able to help.