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My guardian angel - Ty'n Rodyn

My guardian angel - Ty'n Rodyn

It’s funny that my guardian angel and soul mate is Ty’n Rodyn but I suppose it is true.

The thought of Ty’n Rodyn looking over me is very comforting and will help me to stay sober in the months to come. I know I am beginning to waffle again but it might be a while now before I contact you again. I need to get on with things don’t I?

I am currently surrounded by people who know exactly what I am going through and that reassures me every day. There is no talk of alcohol or drugs in the house and that is fantastic for me! It is like it has gone away, but I’m not stupid and realise it can get me at any time. I spoke to Jaqui from the Dawn Centre today and I talked through what I have in place my daily structure and routine.

Each day of the week I’m keeping busy and active. On Mondays I go shopping and swimming, Tuesdays I visit the garden centre and attend an art class, Wednesday I see Gus and spend the afternoon cleaning, on Thursdays I attend a photography course where I am learning how to use elements 11 and then focus on mindfulness, on Fridays I go to the gym and play golf, on Saturdays I like to relax and on Sundays go to church in the morning and then do my washing in the afternoon and get ready for the following week.

This is my plan, my routine and my structure. I continue to go to my Narcotics Anonymous and I’m looking forward to starting a Mindfulness course in September.  Take care for now and I will keep in touch.