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Poem - Well if you put it like that

Poem - Well if you put it like that

Did you not overcome being homeless with arthritic bones,
and got yourself fitter, losing all those stones,
fought the Devils army who were camped in your head
you never gave in, fought back instead.
Well if you put it like that, I guess.

Did you not keep positive, when vulnerability existed
and the demon drink and drugs, were always resisted,
did you not keep focussed, when promises were broken,
cheap words to tick boxes were so often spoken.
Well if you put it like that, well yes.

Did you not show courage when your panic reared its face
did you not keep the Devil firmly in his place
did you not succeed, because to us you are thriving
and you have such great ambitions, not just about surviving.
Well if you put it like that, it sounds good.

Take a look around you, you have come a long way
and your thirst for knowledge gets stronger each day
you have been let down, but you always find ways
so stop putting yourself down, for once accept praise.
Well if you put it like that, maybe I should.

So go get that award that is there on show
you have overcome devastation that only you know
there are some who showed faith, and this is unreserved
so bathe in the glory, because it is well deserved.

Tony Jones, Champions' House, Wrexham