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'Rhian's' Story (I CAN Work Project)

'Rhian's' Story (I CAN Work Project)

‘Rhian’ self-referred onto the I CAN Work project following a number of difficulties at work which had been having a detrimental effect on her mental health.

She had worked in the same job for a long time, however within a period of 18 months she had several negative experiences with her management resulting in being signed off due to work-related stress; she felt as though she couldn’t return. ‘Rhian’ expressed that she wanted support to resolve the situation so she could go back to a job that she loved.

One of the main barriers ‘Rhian’ was facing was a lack of communication from her employer, which was increasing her anxiety and stress. A joint meeting was held and a plan was made to help ensure she was redeployed so that she could complete shifts better suited to her needs.

Over a period of two months, there was limited communication or support from her employer, despite phone calls and emails being sent. ‘Rhian’ then decided to reach out to her union for support. They attended a meeting with her management and ‘Rhian’ asked them to start the procedure to redeploy her; it was agreed that this would happen.

Over a month later and even with involvement from I CAN Work, there was no indication that the process to redeploy ‘Rhian’ had begun. I CAN Work decided to contact the organisation ‘Rhian’ was due to be deployed to and senior management directly for advice. I CAN Work were informed that they had not received any information from ‘Rhian’s’ employer and so there was no record of her starting redeployment. This caused further stress for ‘Rhian’ and she returned to the GP to obtain an extended sick note.

Following a further 2 weeks of phone calls and emails, I CAN Work were informed that ‘Rhian’ would be redeployed. ‘Rhian’ is now successfully redeployed and works at locations and times that suit her and is much happier. When asked about her recent experience with I CAN Work, she said:

‘I had everything against me, my bosses, my age and lack of support from my union and my biggest problem was getting someone to believe me and how it made me feel. You did believe me, and I’ll always be grateful. Thank you to you and I CAN Work, my life has totally turned around for the best.’