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Sara's Story

Sara's Story

Hi my name is Sara. I approached the Wrexham Young Person Project in November 2011. I came to the project for housing advice. I was staying with my mum at the time but the house was too overcrowded. I used to be in a violent relationship and managed to leave because I knew it wasn’t right.

Elen referred me to a youth hostel where I quickly got a room. But things in the hostel weren’t easy. Everyone around me seemed to be taking M-cat and I was soon offered it. I thought I might as well give it a try to see what all the fuss was about. I got a real buzz from it but it soon became a problem. Before I knew it I wasn’t just taking it at parties it was becoming a regular thing. Things just quickly spiralled out of control. Elen was supporting me with my cannabis use but soon the M-cat took over and I just couldn’t cope with it anymore. It was becoming a problem and I knew I had to do something about it.

With support off Elen I learned a lot about what M-cat was and the dangers I was putting myself in by taking it. Not only that the side effects made me feel worse but I felt like I was in a vicious circle so kept taking it again and again to make me feel better. The effects were so nasty I tried so hard to stop taking it, which I eventually did. It was really hard though because it was around me every day. But the more I knew about it and how bad the effects were I knew I had to stop. Listing to the pro’s and con’s was shocking, the list of con’s were huge and even the pro’s weren’t really pro’s. I have stopped taking M-cat now and I’m glad. I even spoke on ITV News Wales about my experience to warn others of the dangers and effects. It’s just not worth it.

I got my own property in October 2012. Although I couldn’t wait to get out of the hostel I was still a bit nervous about moving into my own place. But I had plenty of support off the staff in the hostel as well as Elen. She applied to a charity for me and got money towards the cost of carpets for me as well as a cooker. It was so daunting to begin with but now I love my own place. I haven’t taken M-cat for over 8 months now and have cut down my cannabis use loads.

Elen is still supporting me but I feel so much better being in my own place. I am currently doing voluntary work and I am hoping to start back on my course in college for health and social care.

I’ve come a long way since November 2011 and I know the project is always there if I need anything.