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Tim: “new-found self-belief…”

Tim: “new-found self-belief…”

I am grateful to Cyfle Cymru for the opportunity it has given me.

After 30 years of mental health issues — which lead to addiction and a lack of self-worth — I eventually built up some recovery time. I was given the opportunity to volunteer, build new skills, gain confidence and rebuild my sense of self-worth.

Following a year of volunteering, training, and attending courses, and with the support of a peer mentor who had been through a similar situation, I gained the confidence to apply for a professional job for the first time in years. I remember being very nervous, but thankfully — through the new skills I had learned and my new found self-belief — I was successful in my interview.

I now have the chance to pass on the same opportunities, skills and support which where given to me as a Peer Mentor with Cyfle Cymru.

I know the difference Cyfle Cymru has already made in my life, and in the lives of all my family and those around me.

— Tim