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Complaints procedure

CAIS recognises that from time to time clients may become dissatisfied with the services that they have received and may wish to make a complaint about their experience. In such cases CAIS would welcome formal complaints from or on behalf of existing or former users of its services and/or from its partners and the wider public.

The company will use the experience as both a learning and a developmental opportunity through which to improve its services.

CAIS understands the need to investigate thoroughly all complaints brought against the organisation and the services it provides.

There is a procedure in place to support complaints of a formal nature.

How to make a complaint

Step 1 – Informal Resolution

Where possible, issues of concern should, in the first instance, be raised on an informal basis with your CAIS worker. If a resolution cannot be achieved at this stage, please advise your CAIS worker that you wish the issue to be raised with his/her manager, who will be responsible for dealing with the matter speedily, sensitively and effectively. You should expect to receive feedback on the outcome within 7 days.

Step 2 – Formal Investigation

If your complaint is of a more serious nature, or if informal efforts to resolve it have failed, then you should submit your complaint formally, in writing, to:

12 Trinity Square
Llandudno LL30 2RA

Or by email to:

You will need to set out clearly all the circumstances surrounding your complaint, including names, dates, etc where possible, and also provide your contact address and telephone number.

The Chief Executive will be responsible for allocating a suitable investigating officer and determining the appropriate method of dealing with the matter. This may involve a review of documentation or, in more complex matters, a fuller investigation involving interviews with the key participants. In some cases the matter will be referred to CAIS’s Independent Complaints

However the complaint is dealt with, you should expect to be advised of the method, to receive regular up-dates of progress, and to be informed of the outcome. Unless there are exceptional
circumstances, the entire process should not take longer than 21 days.

Step 3 – Independent Review Panel

Following the findings of the Chief Executive or Independent Complaints Investigator, if you are still dissatisfied at this stage you may have recourse to the Independent Review Panel. You must request this in writing within 21 working days of the date of the Chief Executive or Independent Complaints Investigator’s formal response following Stage 2. You should address
your request to:

Designated CAIS Board Member
CAIS, Tŷ Dafydd Alun, 36 Princes Drive, Colwyn Bay, LL29 8LA

The Designated CAIS Board Member will acknowledge your request in writing within 5 working days of receipt.

Before deciding whether to convene an Independent Review Panel, the Designated CAIS Board Member will wish to obtain a written statement from you detailing your remaining grievances and the reasons why you are dissatisfied with the results of the formal investigation.