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Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic – Hafan Wen & Salus Withnell Hall

Our dedicated detox services help people affected by drugs and alcohol throughout the UK by providing them with a range of timely and flexible treatment interventions in a safe and empathetic environment, whilst empowering and enabling them to make significant lifestyle changes.


Detox at Hafan Wen — Wrexham

Hafan Wen offers leading, medically-managed clinical detoxification treatment and support to those working towards a substance-free lifestyle.  Our clinical provision is led by a consultant psychiatrist, and the service is staffed 24/7 by qualified nurses and an experienced team of healthcare support workers.  You will be involved in all aspects of your care at Hafan Wen, supported by therapeutic workers who facilitate a range of evidence-based interventions.

Hafan Wen considers the ‘whole person’ in its approach to providing a client-centred and recovery-based in-patient detoxification service, with psychosocial interventions playing a significant role in our treatment.

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Detox at Salus Withnell Hall — Lancashire

Salus Withnell Hall's in-depth and comprehensive integrated care approach ensures safe and effective detoxification from a wide range of substances, including alcohol and illicit or prescription drugs. 

Our medical and nursing staff are highly experienced in managing symptoms of withdrawal, following established medical protocols and procedure.  This includes full medical screening on admission, and the development of an individual care plan to address wider issues during detox, in rehab, in recovery, and on an ongoing basis.  All our prescribing is governed by relevant clinical guidelines and associated legislation.

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