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Families & Carers

Addiction can affect families, carers and significant others.  The complexities of addiction can cause frustration, anger, hurt and often feelings of desperation to help the person experiencing problems with addiction.

Hafan Wen can provide support for families and carers and answer any questions you may have. Rest assured that your family member will be provided with the best possible care.

We understand the importance of involving families and carers in your recovery, and whether you already have close relationships or wish to rebuild relationships we will support you in doing this.


Hafan Wen

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the unit and in order for you to focus on your recovery, Hafan Wen does not allow any visitors.  However, if you wish to visit your children, this can be arranged and should be planned with your community worker.

These guidelines will assist you in maintaining contact with your families and significant others, whilst you are at Hafan Wen:

Telephone calls

If family or friends wish to speak to a member of staff regarding your care, they should ring with your consent on 01978 313904.  If family or friends wish to speak with you directly, they should do so by calling the payphone number which is 01978 354 693.

Letters and parcels

You may send and receive as many letters as you wish, but all incoming mail will be opened and checked in order to keep the service and you safe.


Although you may feel alone and isolated without family and friends, you have made a significant step in your recovery.  You can always speak with your named nurse if you need any support whilst you are at Hafan Wen.