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Groups and Timetables

To give you an idea of how your day will be structured in the service, here is an example timetable of a typical week.

All group sessions are mandatory and you will be expected to attend as part of your programme at Hafan Wen.

Timetable coming soon.

Computers & Art Therapy

Creative arts, sculpting, creative writing, basic computer skills, painting.

Therapeutic Activity

Relaxation group, meditation group, self esteem and confidence building exercises.

House Meeting

To discuss day to day issues in the house and a forum for residents to discuss service delivery issues with the staff team.

1:2:1 Key Work session

Individualised work is completed to address your individual needs as identified in your care plan, looking at developing coping strategies.

Psycho-social Group

Comprehensive in depth sessions which focus on:

  1. Lifestyle Balance
  2. Destructive Behaviour
  3. Triggers/Cravings/Urges
  4. Surfing Triggers
  5. Mental Wellbeing
  6. Recovery including addressing thinking patterns

Peer Mentor Led Activity

Run by Full Circle service user group, it is an opportunity to speak to ex-service users who have been through what you are going through.

Educational Group

CV writing, job search, money management and budgeting, sex education, current affairs.

Gym & Recreation

To improve your physical health by attending the gym with our volunteer instructor or you can simply relax by playing on the X-Box 360, have a game of basketball or simply enjoy the company of others.