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Find out more about Hafan Wen

Hafan Wen is a purpose-built in-patient detoxification unit, built in 1997 on the site of the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. It provides medically-managed clinical treatment support to those working towards a substance-free lifestyle.

Clinical provision is led by a consultant psychiatrist, and the service is staffed 24/7 by qualified nurses and an experienced team of support workers. The therapeutic programme, which supports clients through detoxification, is led by a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) specialist who has developed a range of evidence-based psychosocial interventions.

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Our interventions

Our interventions are intended to empower change and engage service users in the programme, whilst drawing heavily from evidence-based therapeutic principles such as:

  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • mindfulness
  • acceptance and commitment therapy

In turn, they will help you aspire to a lifestyle of abstinence, fulfilment, and improved health and wellbeing.



The facility provides a responsive, flexible and clinically-effective service that prepares you for recovery and ensures positive outcomes are achieved.

Outcomes include:

  • completed detoxification
  • stabilisation
  • improved general wellbeing
  • increased motivation
  • improved mental health
  • improved physical health
  • improved understanding of their substance misuse
  • improved skills to prevent or manage relapse
  • improved understanding of available support networks
  • improved understanding of the process of change
  • improved confidence
  • improved awareness of the wider community and your place in it
  • improved awareness of opportunities available to you



Detox at Hafan Wen

Detox at Hafan Wen

Our Detox Service delivers exceptional service, 24 hours a day, through a dedicated and experienced team of professional staff in a safe and secure environment.