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Refer to Hafan Wen

To make a referral, or discuss what we can offer in more detail, please contact Hafan Wen on 01978 313 904.

Alternatively, you can contact CAIS Admissions Manager Sarah Patten by calling 07795 320 167, or emailing



All admissions to Hafan Wen are made as part of a planned and on-going integrated plan of care alongside community teams.

All service users will be aware of their admission date and arrangements will have been made by their community workers to ensure their safe arrival at the Clinic.

On admission, the service user will be greeted by Hafan Wen staff and will be seen by the admitting medical doctor, where the detox will commence.

Based on our eligibility criteria, we would not be able to offer our service to the following clients who are identified as being in need of medical/mental health services considered to be beyond the capacity of our medically-monitored service provision:

  • patients with acute psychiatric morbidity or on sections of the Mental Health Act
  • patients with serious physical morbidity
  • patients who have high risk of violence

Patients cannot be bailed to Hafan Wen.