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Hafan Wen Testimonials

Very pleased with the quality, flexibility and affordability of inpatient treatment options from Hafan Wen.

The personal attention our service users get is second to none, and makes all the difference in getting someone off to a good start in their recovery.

James Varty, Powys Regional Manager, Kaleidoscope Project


After 10 years in addiction, in and out of prison and years of heartache for my family, I decided I’d had enough of my chaotic life of addiction.

I went into Hafan Wen and I completed my detox – I did it for my family.

Since my time in Hafan Wen I’ve turned my life around and I now use my personal experiences to help others as a Peer Mentor with the Peer Mentoring Scheme.

Going back into Hafan Wen makes me proud and hopefully inspires others to see it is possible to change.

Shirley Cannon, Peer Mentor


"I didn’t really know what to expect but they made me feel relaxed, the help I received during the three weeks I stayed there was second to none."

"All of the staff were willing to listen to any problems I had and would go out of their way to help and put me at ease, if they couldn’t help they would try and put me in touch with someone who could."

"I am now an angling coach, I hold a first aid certificate, I am a qualified walk leader, a volunteer peer mentor and I am the Conwy representative for Full Circle where we go into Hafan Wen twice a month and talk to the clients and staff about any problems in which we may be able to help."

"Without the help of Hafan Wen I wouldn’t have known what to do - so thank you very much to everyone who has helped me and still are doing."



The following is a selection of quotes from the Hafan Wen leaving questionnaire:

I was petrified of spending two weeks in a detox unit and, having spent nearly three weeks here, I don’t want to leave!

I cannot speak highly enough about Hafan Wen and the treatment programme. I can only thank you all personally for helping myself and others, hopefully, on the road to recovery. Hafan Wen is a credit to Wales. Thank you all.

My stay at Hafan Wen was life saving. I am very grateful to all the staff for being there for me at such a hard time in my life. Thank you so much.

Every single staff member has been excellent. I have felt safe and secure and have been pointed in the right direction to get my life back on track.

Thank you for everything to every member of staff from the domestics to the doctors. You’ve really helped me change a sad part of my life around.

When I arrived I was very poorly. But soon I felt better. I felt like I was surrounded by family. I am very grateful to all the staff for their friendship, support and generosity. Thank you all.

All staff, doctors, nurses and cleaners were very friendly, put my mind at ease and made me feel realised. After 27 years of drink that’s some going! They deserve medals.