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Therapeutic Programme

Working towards long term recovery underpins all aspects of therapeutic delivery at Hafan Wen. We consider the “whole person” in our approach to providing a service user centred, recovery based service. In doing so, we address the bio-psychosocial needs of each individual.

Psycho-social interventions play a significant part in the treatment of drug and alcohol use disorders at Hafan Wen, drawing on a range of evidence-based techniques and approaches such as Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Node-link Mapping and Relapse Prevention. Service users will be able to develop a range of coping strategies to intervene in a way that best suits their particular needs.

A rolling programme of Group and individual key-working sessions will enable staff and service users to draw on these latest evidence-based psycho-social approaches in a highly systematic way.

This innovative combination of psychosocial interventions alongside medical detoxification helps to develop the service user’s Recovery Capital.