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The 24 Hour Weightlifting Event that Definitely Raised the Bar!

The 24 Hour Weightlifting Event that Definitely Raised the Bar!

Once again Change Step has been humbled by the fortitude of our supporters who have gone to great lengths to fundraise for the project by hosting 24 Hour Iron; a 24 hour weightlifting event that saw contestants test their strength and endurance while raising money for a good cause.

        The event was hosted at ‘Results or Excuses’ gym in Swansea by owner Nathan Blacker who served 7 years with the Army Reserves. The event took place on the 10th of October with two weightlifting categories to enter in-house as well as a large audience who were able to view and take part in the event live through Facebook. Contestants were able to enter the most weight lifted in-house in a 24 hour period category or most weight lifted in-house in a non-24 hour period which were won by Emily Porter and Kelly Morgan respectively. The categories were kindly sponsored by PRP Supplements and The Tactical Coffee Co., with he event also receiving generous raffle prize donations from Tattoos by Paul, Be U Yoga and Circadian Therapy.

        The event resulted in an exceptional £340 being raised for Change Step, which will go towards our Peer Mentoring programme which provides essential support services to veterans and their families in Wales. Nathan commented that he “felt the event was a success and cannot wait to make it grow next year”. The Change Step project is personal to many people throughout Wales, including Nathan who said “I have served 7 years with army reserves RLC. I chose Change Step due to the help it gave friends and comrades coming home from Afghanistan that needed much support”.

        We would like to thank Nathan and his team for hosting an incredible fundraiser for the service. This was an event like no other and the funds raised will help support for veterans and their families in Wales to continue.



Change Step offers effective support for veterans, their families and carers in Wales – enabling them to access vital support services and tackle serious stress and related issues. Our team of peer mentors use their own experienc

es to help fellow veterans and their loved ones confront challenges in their lives, and manage their journeys of recovery.


If you were a member of the UK Armed Forces, whether full-time or reserve, and want to know more about how Change Step could support you and your family, head over to our website