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CAIS moves Head Office to Colwyn Bay

CAIS moves Head Office to Colwyn Bay

CAIS, will be relocating its head office to Colwyn Bay this August. Due to continued expansion, we've outgrown our premises in Trinity Square, Llandudno and will be relocating over 40 jobs to Colwyn Bay.

        Established in 1976 as the Clwyd and Gwynedd Council on Alcoholism, CAIS began as an alcohol addiction recovery service reliant on the goodwill of volunteers to carry out its support services. Over our 46-year history we've grown significantly to become a leading provider of drug and alcohol services, as well as greatly expanding our portfolio to provide information and support services in areas relating to mental health, homelessness, military veterans, young people and criminal justice. In addition, CAIS is a major provider of employment and training programmes, and we've become prominent in the social enterprise sector with various food and drink venues across Wales. Porter’s Coffee Shops in Station Road and Eirias Park offers opportunities for on-the-job training, work experience and accredited qualifications. CAIS currently employs over 250 people across Wales and North West England; however, we remain loyal to our roots and continue to recruit local volunteers in a variety of roles across the organisation. Our head office has been based at Trinity Square in Llandudno for the past 19 years with the move to Colwyn Bay marking an exciting milestone in our history.

        Our new head office will be located in the former Conwy & Colwyn County Court on Princes Drive, joining our other sites in the area: Station Court on Station Road and the Dawn Centre, also on Princes Drive. The relocation will bring together all of CAIS’ administrative functions, which are currently split between two buildings in Llandudno. The head office will also provide an extension to our meeting/event room for hire facility with two spacious meeting rooms equipped with full technical support, titled Llywelyn and Owain after the historic Welsh Princes.

        The new head office building was purchased in January following almost a decade of being unoccupied. It will be renamed ‘Tŷ Dafydd Alun’ after CAIS' founder, Dr Dafydd Alun Jones. Our Chief Executive, Clive Wolfendale said, “CAIS is delighted to be relocating to Colwyn Bay, bringing together its head office functions”. He added, “Tŷ Dafydd Alun, named after our founder and former chairman, is superbly located for rail, road and sustainable transport links. The offices are close to our other centres in the Bay area and marks a further commitment by the charity to the regeneration of the town.”

        The site has undergone a major refurbishment in recent months overseen by CAIS’ Project and Estate Manager, Liz Wilson, who has future-proofed the building to be able to accommodate our head office staff for years to come. Liz said, “We’ve carried out a major refurbishment of the building which we hope will provide CAIS’ head office staff with a pleasant environment to work in. We have planned ahead for future growth of the organisation and have ensured that the building is prepared for additions to our head office team when the time comes. We’ve also ensured that the building has necessary COVID safeguards.” She added, “It was important to us when it came to the refurb that we supported local business in the process, and so all the work on the building has been completed by local contractors who have done an exceptional job”. CAIS is keen to continue to support local business in Colwyn Bay beyond the renovation of the head office, with hopes that the relocation of their 40+ staff to the area will help boost the local economy and provide a business hub.