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Clive Wolfendale made RSA wellbeing champion

Clive Wolfendale made RSA wellbeing champion

CAIS chief executive Clive Wolfendale is pleased to have been appointed RSA Wellbeing Champion for Wales.

A Fellow of the RSA, Clive will work with the organisation and its members to explore ways professionals in the field of public policy can help to create a healthier nation.

He is one of a number of champions who will promote the aims of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in Wales.

Introducing his work in a blog post, Clive charts his journey from racing around Manchester in a police-liveried Mini 850 to heading a major Welsh rehab and recovery charity which helps people to live better and more fulfilling lives.

"Whilst I was tearing round the streets of Manchester in my Mini 850 panda, some 150 miles away a group of philanthropic medics and clerics established a small charity, CAIS, in north west Wales.  Their mission was to confront the evils of insobriety and offer succour to its victims.  After three decades of gradual development, in 2009 the charity advertised for a CEO and eventually took on a burned-out policeman."


"Things to discuss – and do"

He argues that third sector organisations like CAIS make a major contribution to the wellbeing of the wider community – and can do much more. 

“I look forward to continuing the debate and journey in Wales alongside the RSA,” Clive said.  “There’s no shortage of things to discuss – and do.”


April 14, 2019