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We hope you’re all keeping well and safe during what is clearly a worrying time.

CAIS will continue to offer our services as widely as we can and have, where possible, adapted our provision to take account of the current situation and the continuing danger of Covid-19.

Our services are continuing to operate and most are able to accept new referrals with modified operating procedures.


Our Residential services remain open to new admissions, and we are able to advise on the individual measures for each facility, details can be found here

Although we have been forced to close many of our offices, we are able to offer support remotely, using telephone and technology to contact and continue to reach those in need and in isolation. Where this is not possible, for example in the case of our homeless prevention and other outreach services, we will always observe the guidelines set by Government.


Our telephone lines remain staffed so please do contact us with any queries about our services.

Tel: 0345 06 121 12