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A round of applause for our Volunteers!

A round of applause for our Volunteers!

CAIS Volunteers provide invaluable help and support to our frontline staff and service users. We are extremely grateful for all the hours they put in to help CAIS operate smoothly and their hard work and commitment to their roles is second to none.

        Strict lockdown measures introduced in March meant that CAIS had to function very differently and some of our volunteers were able to help ensure that some of the most vulnerable members of our society could continue to receive the help and support that they needed. With the introduction of CAIS’ Coronavirus Hardship Fund, and other related projects, volunteers were able to rise to the challenges we faced and supported our service users in new ways, such as preparing and delivering food parcel support, making trips to the shops on their behalf when they weren’t able to and telephone befriending. Volunteers helped to provide these services throughout the lockdown period and are continuing to support our staff and service users in various ways.


Our Volunteers in Numbers

Since March 23rd 2020…   


Volunteering Hours in Total

Volunteers have given an incredible 913 hours of their time to help provide support to those most in need during these unprecedented times, which amounts to an average of 48 hour each!


Volunteering Hours by Service

We’ve seen volunteers putting in hours across a range of different services within CAIS, with our Soup Dragon in Wrexham alone benefiting from an amazing 549 hours’ worth of volunteers’ time.


Volunteers by Role Type

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen communities across the country coming together. The new volunteering roles introduced by CAIS as a result of the lockdown has seen volunteers donating 191 hours-worth of their time to helping those most in need in their community during these difficult times.


We would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers, both those who were actively working and those who have been patient in waiting for an opportunity to return to volunteering with us, for their commitment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We applaud your hard work and diligence during these unprecedented times and are grateful for all the support you provide to our staff and service users.