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Supporters raise over £900 for Change Step by running almost 4 marathons in 24 hours

Supporters raise over £900 for Change Step by running almost 4 marathons in 24 hours

CAIS’ Change Step project is very fortunate to have a large cluster of passionate supporters who go above and beyond to fundraise for the service. In recent years we’ve seen a former army Major and his wife cycle across France and Spain in only 4 weeks, aged veterans abseil down the Great Orme in Llandudno and individuals across Wales taking part in a COVID-safe backyard sleepout, all in an effort to raise funds for Change Step.

        This month saw another incredible sum raised for Change Step by Emma-Jane Lees and her partner Scott who, on the 10th of October, spent 24 continuous hours on a treadmill. The pair ran just 8.8 miles short of 4 whole marathons during the challenge, raising over £900 – an extraordinary feat! The funds will go towards our Peer Mentoring programme which provides vital support services to veterans and their families in Wales.

        Emma-Jane, who is the daughter of Roger “Brummie” Lees, one of Change Step’s Peer Mentors, cited witnessing first-hand how much some can struggle with adjusting to civilian life after leaving the army as her reason for wanting to raise money for Change Step. “I think, had my father had a charity like yourselves when he left the military, he would have found the transition much easier,” she said. “Seeing the work that Change Step do as a whole for veterans I wanted to be involved somehow which is why I decided to run the 96 miles and raise as much as I can as my token of saying thanks for everything you do!”

        Emma-Jane is also an avid long-distance runner, having ran the London Marathon numerous times for various charities that she feels a personal connection with. “I thought that this was my body’s limit and had made the decision that it was time to give up long distance running due to the impact it was having on my joints,” she said. “I knew that I had one last challenge left in me and wanted to make it a special one.”



Change Step offers effective support for veterans, their families and carers in Wales – enabling them to access vital support services and tackle serious stress and related issues. Our team of peer mentors use their own experiences to help fellow veterans and their loved ones confront challenges in their lives, and manage their journeys of recovery.


If you were a member of the UK Armed Forces, whether full-time or reserve, and want to know more about how Change Step could support you and your family, head over to our website.