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Volunteers help the homeless in Wrexham

Volunteers help the homeless in Wrexham

At the Soup Dragon project, volunteers assist in the preparation and handing out of meals to service users. Our team includes students, retirees, people who work full time, and people who have experience of using our services.  What unites them all is the will and desire to make a difference. Providing a nutritious meal in the first instance not only ensures service users have a balanced diet but provides a route to engagement with individuals. The Soup Dragon is a critical pathway that provides access to individuals who lead chaotic and transient lives and acts as a bridge to reach the most socially excluded in the community.

Not only are we able to ensure the wellbeing of homeless individuals with a nutritious meal, we are able to provide appropriate and rapid support and advice tailored to their individual needs.

Our dedicated volunteers regularly give their time to help provide a service to the homeless and roofless community of Wrexham. Volunteers gain a valuable insight into the lives of service users and furthermore they gain experience and knowledge of working for a busy charity with several locations around North Wales. The benefits of volunteering at Soup Dragon include personal development, gain new skills and experience as well as utilising existing skills, improving employment prospects, meet new people, increase confidence and improved emotional wellbeing.

Maggie has been in recovery for 5 years she started volunteering for us when we introduced the lockers to our King street office. When asked why she wanted to volunteer she said.

I started volunteering for CAIS after several years in recovery. Volunteering with the lockers is a great opportunity that enables me to give back to the community and reminds me of where I come from, as I was in a similar position myself before my journey in recovery”

We rely on the support of our volunteers to deliver our services and would like to take this opportunity in thanking them for continuing to give their time and expertise so freely every day of every week.  Through voluntary work, they are helping us to empower change in our people and in our communities. If you'd like to know more about volunteering for CAIS, please do call us on 01492 523821 or email us at