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Volunteers Michael and Maggie share their story

Volunteers Michael and Maggie share their story

Michael and Maggie explain why they volunteer for CAIS

Michael’s story

My name is Michael, I’m a volunteer for CAIS. I have been volunteering for some time and I love it, I’ve gained confidence volunteering.  It’s given me the chance to try something new as well as learning new skills, I’m currently doing my NVQ in Advice and Guidance after starting off on the reception initially. It’s a lovely warm and welcoming environment, everyone is helpful and have a genuine interest in your wellbeing, I’m also volunteering with the peer mentors which will be my chosen field I want to work in. Now that the Coronavirus has happened, I’m volunteering delivering emergency food parcels and gas and electric top up cards.  I can’t tell people how much I get out of volunteering; it’s amazing. You get to meet people you would never have normally met, which gains your confidence, you feel that you make a small difference, you feel part of the community and for me, have fun.  I would recommend volunteering to everyone - it’s so good for your wellbeing, I feel a new man. So, come and volunteer you won’t regret it.

Maggie’s story

Maggie has been a regular volunteer at Soup Dragon and Wrexham One love Choir since June 2019. Her main duties involve managing the lockers and assisting in the preparation and serving of food at mealtimes.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Maggie has continued to volunteer every day, to help pack takeaway meals as part of our outreach response service. The takeaway meals are delivered to service users who have been placed in temporary accommodation through the local authority.

Maggie has been in recovery for 5 years. When asked why she wanted to volunteer she said.

I started volunteering for CAIS after several years in recovery. Volunteering is a great opportunity that enables me to give back to the community and reminds me of where I come from, as I was in a similar position myself before my journey in recovery”

CAIS relies on the support of our volunteers to deliver our services and would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for continuing to give their time and expertise during this unprecedented time.  Through volunteering, they are helping us to empower change in our people and in our communities. If you’d like to know more about volunteering for CAIS, please email us on or call 01492 523821