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Drug and Alcohol Counselling

CAIS Drug and Alcohol Counselling is for people who are concerned about their own drinking or drug taking or about the drinking or drug taking of someone else (e.g. a partner, parent, close friend or relative).

CAIS Counselling will help you to talk about the problems you are facing. You may be worried, depressed, confused or want to make changes to your drinking or drug taking and your life. Your Counsellor will respect you and will not “tell you what to do”.

The aim of CAIS Counselling is that together with your Counsellor, you explore your problems in order to gain greater understanding of them and of yourself. You will then look at what you want to change and what you need to do to make that change happen.

CAIS Counselling is confidential. No information will be given to anyone (e.g. GP, relative) unless you request it. However, in some cases, if we think you are likely to harm yourself or someone else we might feel it necessary to break confidentiality. If possible, your Counsellor will talk to you about this first.

CAIS offers Drug and Alcohol Counselling and is not able to offer long term Counselling on other issues.

Who are Counsellors?

All our Counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). Our Counsellors are either qualified in Counselling or are on student placement as part of our excellent Student Program and all have a drug and alcohol speciality.

Eligibility Criteria

People are eligible for CAIS Counselling based on an individual assessment and their readiness for Counselling.

Referral Details

You may refer yourself in confidence for CAIS Counselling by telephoning 0345 06 121 12 or visiting our website and completing an online referral form. Alternatively, you may be referred by a professional (e.g. a GP, social worker) or another agency.


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