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Family Court Companion

Family breakdown, the removal of children into care and contested adoption can be hugely distressing, damaging and disruptive — for children and for parents.

The Family Court Companion project works closely with some of the most deprived and marginalised families in Wales to allow children remain with their families where it is safe for them to do so. 

Our dedicated staff act as objective advocates for families as they navigate the often-confusing legal process, and work alongside a wide range of specialist organisations to ensure parents can get the help and support they need.


We offer

  • independent support and guidance for families in the family court process
  • early interventions to help prevent removal from the family, wherever possible and wherever safe
  • effective help with parental substance misuse, mental health conditions and other support needs


Our experience

Recovery and rehabilitation charity CAIS has more than 40 years’ experience working with families with complex needs, including specialist expertise in supporting people with substance misuse conditions.  

We work closely with our partners at training provider NuHi, the courts, and a wide range of other specialists to ensure families get access to the effective, timely and independent support they need.


Who is the project for?

Marginalised families from our most deprived communities are most likely to be involved in proceedings in the family court.

We work with any family involved in family court proceedings across south Wales from our base in Cardiff.


The Family Court Companion initiative is generously supported by the National Lottery Community Fund


nuhi National Lottery Commuity Fund


Phone: 029 2132 1661