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We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and we recognise that it’s hard to break free from the stigma of substance misuse, mental health concerns or a criminal record.

Every person’s recovery or rehabilitation journey is different – what we offer is fellowship, mutual support, the chance to recover confidence and to rebuild self-esteem in company with others on a similar pathway.

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Second chance

If you are, or have been, affected by any form of addiction, adverse mental health, unemployment, offending or other life challenges – or are a family member or carer of someone who has such issues – Jigsaw could be just right for you!

Because we work on a group basis, we do not have need to enter into detailed examination of any individual’s history.

Our philosophy is that it’s not about yesterday – it’s about tomorrow, and finding ways and means to help members move their lives forward.


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More details, and a calendar of our meetings and other events, is available on our dedicated website.

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Name: Brian Lewis

Phone: 01492 523 042