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Powys - Young Persons' Substance Misuse Service

Powys Young Persons' Substance Misuse Service (YPSMS) is part of a range of services offered to adults and young people in Powys with substances misuse issues. In Powys, CAIS works in partnership with Kaleidoscope, an established substance misuse service, to deliver these services and operate the YPSMS.


How We Work

  1. We can meet with a young person and/or their family at a time and place convenient to them.
  2. We can offer structured treatment and support plans, and support and information in respect of reduction or prevention work.
  3. We provide training and educational support concerning substance misuse to schools and other youth settings.


Working in Partnership

Our goal is to work in partnership with other agencies where we can and to be a part of a full support intervention package to empower young people to make positive choices and changes to their lives.

CAIS works alongside and in partnership with colleagues from YIS, YJS and CAMHS to provide specialist substance use/misuse education, information, training and support. We are always working to build and strengthen these partnerships to ensure the best for our young people. Because of this we attend Youth Court in Brecknockshire to offer information, assessment, screening and another point of contact. We deliver the substance misuse interventions for the Youth Justice Service in Powys. We are always looking for new ways to build and strengthen support and the services we offer to young people.


Young People

CAIS YPSMS aims to minimise harm to individuals and communities who are affected by substance misuse issues, by providing a person-centred and holistic service and by enabling people to make informed choices and positive changes to their lives.


We listen

Simply this means we listen, we don’t judge and we support you in the choices and changes you may wish to make.

Whilst our trained staff will do their utmost to support you in your treatment, it is your responsibility to be open and honest with the staff, thus ensuring your support is tailored to your individual needs.

We can offer: information, support, reduction support and access to therapies.

  1. The substance use may be yours, or that of a family member.
  2. Families, parents and carers
  3. Substance use does not just affect the person using a substance but those close to them too.


You may be:

  1. A young person affected by substance use in your family
  2. The parent or carer of someone using drugs or
  3. Have concerns or questions about substance use


We can offer information, support and advice.

Our staff are trained in Parent and Carer Training (PACT) which offers a structured intervention to parents and carers who are living with a loved one’s substance use.  It can help support the parent/carer and also support the loved one into accessing treatment and making changes in a positive way.


CAIS Mentoring Scheme

CAIS operates a mentoring service, providing a one to one mentoring support service for young people in Powys. It is a voluntary scheme, which aims to assist in enabling young people to achieve their full potential. Mentoring is a voluntary one-to-one relationship between a young person and a supportive adult established to help divert the young person away from negative influences and provide them with opportunities for success. Mentoring is not only a valuable experience for the young person but can be a rich and rewarding experience for the mentor and can provide valuable work experience for future jobs and careers. 

If you would like to refer a young person for mentoring or would like to volunteer as a mentor please contact Karen Gadsby on 07825 180 829  


We can offer other forms of information, advice and unstructured support too.

We also work closely with colleagues in the adult services and agencies such as Powys Carers and Barnardos, so we can help find the right support for you and your situation.

To make a referral, please visit our online referral form or click here to download a referral form to complete and return. 


Meet the Team


To find out more or if you just want to speak to someone, please contact a member of the team.

Call: 0300 777 2258

Or contact your local worker:

North Powys: 07767 1655 596 / 07976 761 411

Mid Powys: 07977 537 193

South Powys: 07825 180 612

Address: Team Leader, Rob Lynch, Unit 4, Old Town Hall Workshops, Temple Street, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5DL.

Eligibility Criteria

Powys YPSMS works with young people under the age of 18 yrs and in transition through their 18th birthday.

Support for people over 18 is provided by Kaleidoscope, although this will be agreed and negotiated on need. To contact Kaleidoscope please call: 01686 610 422.



Name: Rob Lynch

Phone: 0300 777 2258