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Homelessness Prevention

The Wrexham Homelessness Prevention Project addresses issues faced by homeless or roofless people in the Wrexham area.


What we offer

The Wrexham Homelessness Prevention Project provides:

  • housing advice
  • homelessness prevention advice
  • substance misuse advice and support
  • support with independent living skills
  • benefits advice and support
  • help with budgeting
  • health and wellbeing advice and support

We also offer a drop-in service from our base at 65 King Street. Services include:

  • information
  • specialist housing advice
  • onward referral
  • support and advice


The Soup Dragon

The Soup Dragon provides food for homeless and roofless people at 65 King Street between 5pm and 6pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and between 4pm and 5pm on Thursday. 


About us

Wrexham Homelessness Prevention Project is a partnership between CAIS and Shelter Cymru, and aims to reduce and prevent homelessness amongst vulnerable people who are experiencing alcohol or substance misuse issues.


Shelter Cymru


Name: Sarah Roberts

Phone: 01978 314 314